Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Jorgensen Family

What's up? Just a test of our new blog spot.


Kenna said...

Yay!! You started one I'm so glad! Come on now get some good photos up!

Kenna said...

Alright it's been a couple of months now and still no photos? Come on do you have like four kids or something to keep you busy? Love ya! Hope to see pictures soon. Jake

Stacey said...

Jodi--HI!! I just found your blog on a search I was doing. I was also looking for the Cochran's (do they have one too?) Anyway, I want to see some pictures of your kids and hear how you guys are doing! We sill miss Saratoga Springs and the ward there, but we do love it here in Arkansas too. It's been great for Neil's career. We had a family from our ward here just move to Harvest Hills a few months ago, but they are over by the school, so I'm sure they aren't in your ward. Anyway, check out our blog too, and tell everyone out there "hi" for us.